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What’s Latest In Printing Industry?


We are living in a world where there is a rapid change in completing tasks. The design and development industries are the best examples of it. If you want to boost your business, you must apply the latest techniques and methods in your industry.

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What’s Latest In Printing Industry?

In the recent years, we have seen a great advancement in the printing industry like:

  • High-speed digital copying on demand
  • Three-dimensional copying and hybrid reproduction processes

Inkjet printing:

Offset photocopying system is widely used by the printing companies in Dubai, but the current market trend shows that there is a decrease in the popularity of this method. Commercial inkjet copiers have become reliable, faster and much quicker than the traditional copiers.

The new inkjet copiers are able to render text up to 4,000 words/minute.  The new technology is not only faster but also can provide solutions to many complicated problems. Three-dimensional graphics can now be designed with more realistic depth.

3D technology

Printing is not limited to flat sheets of papers; this technique can now be applied on three-dimensional objects. This new technology has gained the attention of the people within the design industries.

Many business owners have taken notice of the manufacturing as well as creative possibilities. Rendering replacement appliance and machine parts is now a service found in some print companies whose owners would not have conceived of the idea in the past.

Larger scale commercial 3D printing also has the potential for innovations in the trade show exhibit speciality field. The demand for visually unique display booths increases, design companies utilizing 3D technology for booth pieces.

Software Innovations:

Graphic design software for print projects now has a wider range of features and tools, allowing for easier workflows, better file compatibility and more collaboration between designers in different geographic locations.

New design software suites now include three-dimensional tools that allow designers to create parts and objects without the need for extensive engineering knowledge. Even two-dimensional projects can now be completed with more cost-effective methods.

The need for film media and offset copying machines is in a steady decline as more of the same results can be accomplished electronically with software workflows. The learning curve of these design suites may be somewhat steeper in the beginning for new users.

Hybrid Technologies:

Despite the fast pace of high-technology innovation, print and design businesses do not have to switch to purely digital processes immediately. They can use both digital and offset processes thanks to computer-to-print-plate mechanization.


This process helps the printing companies in Dubai to send finished image files to electronic plates that can identify them, using technologies like those found in desktop scanners. Due to progress in these plates, hybrid processes can also accommodate more difficult projects.


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